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 Tuesday, 20 August 2013
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 Blackburn Library   Cnr Blackburn and Central Roads, Blackburn, 3130. Ph: 9896 8400 Fax: 9896 8448
 Box Hill Library   1040 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, 3128. Ph: 9896 4300 Fax: 9896 4349
 Bulleen Library   Bulleen Plaza, 79 - 109 Manningham Road, Bulleen, 3105. Ph: 9896 8450 Fax: 9896 8498 (access from rear of the plaza)
 Doncaster Library   MC2, 687 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, 3108. Ph: 9877 8500 Fax: 9877 8548
 Nunawading Library   379 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading, 3131. Ph: 9872 8600 Fax: 9872 8633
 The Pines Library   The Pines Shopping Centre Cnr Blackburn and Reynolds Road, East Doncaster, 3109. Ph: 9877 8550 Fax: 9877 8598
 Vermont South Library   Pavey Place, Vermont South, 3133. Ph: 9872 8650 Fax: 9872 8698
 Warrandyte Library   The Warrandyte Community Centre 168 Yarra Street, Warrandyte, 3113. Ph: 9895 4250

Regionwide Opening Hours
BRANCHES   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday   Sunday    
Blackburn   Closed   10am-5pm   1pm-8.30pm   10am-5pm   10am-5pm   9.30am-5pm   Closed    
Box Hill   10am-8pm   10am-8pm   1pm-8pm   10am-8pm   10am-8pm   9am-5pm   1pm-4pm    
Bulleen   10am-6pm   10am-6pm   10am-6pm   10am-6pm   10am-6pm   9am-5pm   Closed    
Doncaster   10am-6pm   10am-6pm   10am-8pm   10am-8pm   10am-6pm   9am-5pm   1pm-4pm    
Nunawading   10am- 8.30pm   10am- 8.30pm   1pm-8.30pm   10am- 8.30pm   10am-5pm   9.30am-5pm   2pm-5pm    
The Pines   10am-8pm   10am-8pm   1pm-8pm   10am-8pm   10am-8pm   9am-5pm   Closed    
Vermont South   1pm-5pm   10am-8.30pm   1pm-8.30pm   10am-5pm   10am-5pm   9.30am-5pm   Closed    
Warrandyte   Closed   10am-5.30pm   10am-5.30pm   1pm-5.30pm   1pm-5.30pm   9am-1pm   Closed    

Regionwide Map
Region wide map

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